How do I use Firefox to send files via FTP? –


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You can use FTP to upload book inventory updates as well as images of your books.  If you have not yet set up an FTP account for your Biblio bookseller account, or if you need to retrieve your username or change your FTP password, use the Upload Settings   link in your Bookseller menu to do so.

Please note, when uploading book images in bulk via FTP, you’ll need to make sure that your image filenames match your book ID’s exactly.  For more information about uploading book images via FTP, and how you will need to name your image files, click here.

To enable FTP in Firefox, you will need to first download a free Firefox plugin called “FireFTP.”  You can download that from the Firefox website here:

After the download completes, you will need to restart your Firefox browser to start the new FireFTP plugin.  These instructions apply specifically to Mac users, so if you happen to be using a PC, the following instructions might be slightly different, but should be mostly identical.

1) After you’ve restarted Firefox, you can select FireFTP from the “Tools” menu

2) A new Firefox tab will open with your new FTP tools. You can select “Create an account” in that window.

3) In the pop-up window that opens, you will need to enter :

In the box labeled Account: Biblio

In the box labeled Host:

In the box labeled Login: your Biblio bookseller FTP username

In the box labeled Password: your Biblio bookseller FTP password

and click “OK” to save that login information.

4) You can now click “Connect”.  A few seconds later you should see a folder appear in the screen named “fulfillment.”  That will verify that you are connected to your Biblio FTP account.

5) You can drag the files or folder from your computer to the right side of the FireFTP tab to transfer them from your computer to Biblio.  Just drop it in the white space on the right, NOT inside the “fulfillment” folder.

If you are uploading photos of your books, this will let you transfer all of your images at once to Biblio.  The time it takes to complete the transfer will depend on how many images you are sending, and how large the individual images are.