How to Upload Files to Box – FileZilla Pro

This feature is only available on FileZilla Pro, if you didn’t buy it yet you can buy FileZilla Pro from our Store →

Below you find a step by step guide, if you prefer you can watch our How to Upload Files to Box video tutorial.

What you’ll need to upload files to Box:

  • A Box account
  • Your usual login details for Box; a user ID (typically an email address) and password for the Box account

Note: If FileZilla Pro is configured to save passwords protected by a master password (see Protect Passwords with a Master Password), you’ll only need to authenticate it for use with Box once; it will save the access token for future connections.

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Configuring FileZilla Pro for Box

You can now transfer files between your local machine and your Box.

The video tutorial below shows how to Connect to Box.

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