Gyazo Help – Upload captures

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Upload captures

This is the basic function of Gyazo

Please download and install Gyazo first, to start the app and capture the screen displayed on your computer.

You can capture both the browser and other apps.

You can freely capture the inside of your browser.

In addition to the basic cutting tool, the function that can capture the entire window in a larger area than the computer screen is convenient.

Only still images are supported. Videos ( Gyazo GIF and Gyazo Replay ) are not supported at this time.

This is a method to upload an image file already saved on your computer to Gyazo.

Upgrading to a Gyazo Pro account gets you easy access to all images you have captured with your account

You can also edit images quickly, capture longer GIFs and replay clips, browse without any ads, and set passwords on each capture page.

Any images you capture will stay saved on our server and can be accessed with the URL at any time, even without upgrading to Gyazo Pro

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