mime [DokuWiki]

Which file types you can upload via the media manager popup or the fullscreen media manager is configured through the conf/mime.conf file. It also configures the file extension ↔ mimetype association.

For security reasons it is not possible to configure DokuWiki to allow any file type.

:!: Never enable HTML upload for unprotected wikis, as this opens Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities through JavaScript. Only enable this with trusted users. You need to disable the iexssprotect option additionally to adding the HTML mime type in the config file.

You can find any file extension with its mime at https://filext.com/, these are used since the Igor 2022 release.

For Hogfather 2020 release and older, the icons were created with the file icon generator. Old additional icons in the old style are available at https://www.splitbrain.org/projects/file_icons

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